Working with Wood: A Nordic Perspective on Cabinetmaking

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Working with Wood: A Nordic Perspective on Cabinetmaking è un libro riccamente illustrato sul passato e futuro delle tradizioni finlandesi della lavorazione del legno, e trasmette le conoscenze del produttore di mobili Nikari sulla falegnameria tradizionale alla prossima generazione. Il libro è scritto sia in inglese che in finlandese. Working with Wood: A Nordic Perspective on Cabinetmaking è stato premiato con il riconoscimento Beautiful Book Prize 2017 dal Finnish Book Art Committee.

Wood is omnipresent in the Nordics. Vast forests feature in childhood memories of people who grow up in the North, wood has kept homes warm in the harsh Nordic climate, and modern design that hails from Northern Europe has always been strongly associated with this natural material. Working with Wood is a collection of musings and factual knowledge about the traditions of Nordic woodworking. It draws upon interview material with Kari Virtanen, master cabinetmaker and founder of Nikari, the company craftsmen, and designers, as well as personal notes on the philosophy of their craft. It is a book that combines information about the makeup of Finnish forests and the process of transforming a tree into a piece of design, as well as the basics of what can be called ‘rational Nordic cabinetmaking’.

Päivi Häikiö, Päivi Karvinen, Matilda Kivelä e Marja Salmela
Inglese, finlandese
Anno di pubblicazione:
21 x 27 cm