Parolan Rottinki Vintage armchair, natural
Parolan Rottinki Vintage armchair, natural
Parolan Rottinki Vintage armchair, natural

Vintage armchair, natural

Parolan Rottinki

Parolan Rottinki
Vintage armchair


The Vintage armchair by Parolan Rottinki is a Finnish classic of rattan furniture. The armchair is made of woven rattan, which is a durable and ecological material with a beautiful, light colour. Place the Vintage chair in the living room or by the fireplace, or use it for enjoying the sunshine at a terrace or balcony. Complement the setting with the rattan coffee table from the same collection.

Each rattan product is unique – natural material deviations and the craftsmanship are the attributes that create the character for rattan furniture. The colour of a natural, unpainted rattan may vary from product to product and it may show annual growth rings, small cracks, or colour variations on the surface. These details create the organic nature of rattan that makes it such fascinating material. 

Rattan is a tropical wood species, and therefore rattan furniture holds up best in humid settings. Elements such as scorching sun, air conditioning and being too close to heat sources may dry out the rattan furniture, which can lead to tears and breakage. It is also advisable that rattan furniture should not be left outside without fully protecting them from rain and snow. 

66 cm
85 cm
91,5 cm
Profondità seduta
53 cm
Altezza seduta
45 cm
Istruzioni di manutenzione
Vacuum-clean natural rattan regularly. It is advisable to wipe off stains with a damp cloth to prevent stubborn stains. Even though natural rattan can handle humid conditions, it is advisable to avoid soaking and merely misting the furniture with a little bit of water if necessary.
Please note that natural rattan furniture should not be placed next to a radiator, fireplace or other heat sources or in direct sunlight. In outdoor use, the furniture should be placed in a covered area protected from rain. It is advisable to also protect the furniture either with a weatherproof cover or store them indoors when not in use.
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